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Workshops for Warriors
Workshops for Warriors is a fully-audited, board-governed 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our mission is to place Veterans and Wounded Warriors into advanced manufacturing careers by providing them with industry-leading training, nationally recognized portable credentials, work experience, and job placement. Training is provided at no cost to veterans.

Veterans choose to take classes in one of two primary tracks- welding or machining. Each semester is four-months-long, and results in credentials from the industry’s lead accrediting bodies (the American Welding Society, the National Institute for Metalworking Skills, Mastercam University, Solidworks). A complete program of sixteen months (4 semesters) leads to advanced-level training in either of the two tracks and job placement at annual entry-level salaries of $50,000 and higher, but completion of even just one semester results in job placement earning livable wages.



Space Careers
Run by space professionals, Space Careers is a specialist niche jobs board designed to assist the space industry players with their recruitment issues on a worldwide basis.

Welcome to SpaceProfessions.com, the fastest growing and the most up-to date online resource about space careers in the U.S. The space industry has fascinating future ahead. Companies and governments develop new rockets and spacecraft, plans have been announced to colonize Mars and a number of private space companies are putting a great effort into developing new technology, from fully reusable rockets, to refuelling stations on the Earth’s orbit. We think that the space industry will experience a boom in the coming years and that boom will create a plenty of new jobs. Yet, today there are few resources online that tell you how to actually get into the space industry. The information is scattered all around the internet, often ambiguous and unreliable. That’s why we sat down and combined our interest in space, our passion for writing and web design and created spaceprofessions.com.