ITEMTarget Completion DateCompleted?
Assure we have the right membership / attendee mix – manufacturers (all tiers); service companies; consultants; finance. ONGOINGONGOING
A Long-Term Business Plan (number of chapters, members, services, dues, income, expenses) has been developed and approved by the ESC.Q2 2013
The Warm Introductory Service and Invitation Networking Dinners have been defined, promoted, and piloted.Q2 2013Done.
PR, marketing and supporting collateral plan have been developed to include:
- Refresh current look and feel.
- Website and Social Networking Considerations.
- Membership Welcome Package.
- State, Federal, and International Government Engagement / Support.
- Buy-in / potential partnership with other trade and industry bodies.
- Incentives for Membership to Spread the Word.
- Measuring whether we’re currently getting a clear message across.
- Methodology to sustain an ongoing desire for membership.
Q3 2013
The Phoenix chapter has held its first meeting with at least 30 attendees.Q3 2013
A cook book approach to starting a new chapter has been established.Q3 2013Done
Ongoing performance measurements have been introduced across chapters, e.g., meeting frequency, membership satisfaction, membership vitality, financial stability, quality of presenters.Q3 2013
Chapter Steering Committees are successfully operating for both the Los Angeles and Orange County chapters.Q3 2013Done
Channels for Inter Chapter Communication and Collaboration have been established.Q4 2013
The San Diego Chapter is successful and stable on a paid membership basis.Q4 2013
Business planning and infrastructure for the inaugural international chapter has been completed, i.e., a (1) Chapter Champion; (2) Venue Sponsorship; (3) Other Sponsors; (4) Membership Advocate have been identified and developed.Q1 2014