Sponsorships enable organizations to support the operation of The Aerospace & Defense Forum.


The A&D Forum has a paid membership list and each chapter has a free mailing list.

As of October 14, 2015, there were 1507 people on the A&D Forum mailing list. Of those, 36% are A&D companies, 33% are business service providers to the A&D industry, and 18% are finance-related (investment bankers, commercial banks, venture capital, and private equity groups). The mailing list is growing at the rate of 2-3 members per week.

Chapter                              Date of First Meeting            No. on Mailing List (as of 10/14/15)
Los Angeles (CA)              May 2010                                795
Orange County (CA)         October 2011                          456
San Diego (CA)                 February 2013                        272
Arizona (AZ)                      October 2013                          205
South Bay (CA)                 January 2015                           88
Dallas – Ft. Worth (TX)     August 2015                            96

Each chapter sends a monthly meeting invitation to those on the chapter’s mailing list. There are 45-55 attendees at each meeting.

A monthly e-newsletter of articles, news, and meeting/conference notices is sent to all A&D Forum paid members.


Founding Sponsors: people and organizations who create a chapter and are responsible for its operation, including securing speakers. Only available for new chapters.

Chapter Sponsors: organizations who sponsor a chapter for a 12 month period.
During a calendar year, each chapter typically holds 11 meetings (either December or January is dark),  During the Chapter Sponsorship a Chapter Sponsor is entitled to:
* Logo display, description, and downloadable flyer on the A&D Forum website.
* Logo display on each of the monthly A&D Forum newsletters
* A top banner on one month’s chapter meeting invitation
* Logo display on each of the monthly chapter meeting invitations
* A 5-minute presentation at one chapter meeting
* Logo and/or a mention on all chapter meeting invitations
* One Individual A&D Forum membership

Cost of a Chapter Sponsorship is $1900 for each Chapter Sponsorship period and is available for all chapters.

Breakfast Sponsors: organizations who sponsor a breakfast at a monthly meeting.
Limited to one Breakfast Sponsor for each meeting. For that meeting, a Breakfast Sponsor is entitled to:
* Logo display on the corresponding chapter meeting invitation
* A 5-minute presentation at the corresponding chapter meeting
* Logo display and/or a mention on all invitations issued for that chapter meeting, e.g., LinkedIn Groups
* Free attendance at the chapter meeting at which they present.

Cost of a Breakfast Sponsor is whatever the cost of breakfast is for that meeting, which varies with the number of attendees, and is typically between $200 and $450. Available for all chapters.

Hosts: organizations who provide meeting facilities for the monthly meeting. Only currently available for new chapters.

Please contact Ivan Rosenberg if you are interested in being a sponsor. Please indicate which chapter and which time period you would like to sponsor. Selection of months for top banner and to present are on a first come basis.

The Aerospace & Defense Forum for a downloadable flyer.