Value Proposition

1. Provide a forum for the A&D industry leadership community to engage globally.
2. Gather new information from A&D industry leaders, executives, and professionals that help us and our business:

  • Learn what we need to do to stay competitive;
  • Hear about new approaches to improve productivity;
  • Uncover trends (threats and opportunities) that will affect our business;
  • Hear other executives’ plans for the future;
  • Learn about A&D related events and conferences where we can learn more and make additional connections.

3. Discover potential solutions to problems and see opportunities for collaboration and new markets.
4. Improve our business connecting with potential customers, vendors, strategic partners, and resources.
5. Improve ourselves by making personal connections with industry leaders and executives who may be otherwise hard to reach.
6. Tour facilities that are typically closed to the public and get a behind-the-scenes view of leading edge manufacturing and development operations.