Vision, Mission, and Values

We believe that aerospace and defense is the most exhilarating, awe inspiring, and thoroughly frustrating industry in the world. We fly, we connect, we explore, we defend, we push the boundaries of technology and yet we continually struggle to communicate effectively across our industry.

We need a vehicle, a community that facilitates engagement and participation across our industry.

Improve ourselves, our company, and our industry through engagement. Make the world smaller by having our community think bigger.

A world where A&D Industry Leaders fully realize the professional, commercial, and social benefits from effective community engagement.

To create and maintain a global aerospace and defense leadership community that provides opportunities for sharing of information, current events, and analysis, mutual support and encouragement, partnering, innovation, and performance breakthroughs.

A value is a guideline on action. Core Values specify behavior that is required for the A&D Forum to successfully accomplish its Mission. These are values which cannot be compromised.
– Integrity – Ethically unyielding and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.
– Respectful Engagement – Respecting each person’s unique attributes by focusing on strengths. We value the diversity of skills, experiences and perspectives, to look for the best in every situation.
– Sharing – Looking to see how we can benefit others, as well as ourselves.
– Thought Leadership – Relentlessly driven to build the world’s best industry community. We apply best practice to successfully meet our goals and objectives.

Goal values are behaviors that are useful for the A&D Forum to be able to accomplish its Mission, behaviors at which we continually strive to be better.
– Collaboration – Working together to create something that cannot be accomplished alone.
– Continuous Improvement – Always looking to see how it might be done better, open to learning.
– Innovation – Being willing to create and look openly at something dramatically different than the past, creating breakthroughs.