Why Join the Aerospace and Defense Forum

The Aerospace & Defense Forum is a global aerospace and defense leadership community that provides opportunities for sharing of information, current events, and analysis, mutual support and encouragement, partnering, innovation, and performance breakthroughs.


The benefits of membership include:

o Participate in the A&D industry and business leadership community, where you can:
– Gather new information from A&D industry leaders, executives, and professionals that will help your company be more successful
– Learn what you have to do to stay competitive
– Hear about new approaches to improve productivity, e.g., lean manufacturing
– Uncover trends (threats and opportunities) that will affect your company, e.g., decrease in government funding, managing the supply chain.
– Hear other executives’ plans for the future
– Learn how others are solving common problems
– See opportunities for new markets
– Learn about A&D related events and conferences where you can learn more and make additional connections.

o Connect with potential customers, vendors, strategic partners, and resources.
– Get “warm introductions” and make a personal connection with industry leaders and executives who may be otherwise hard to reach.
– Discover potential solutions to problems
– See opportunities for collaboration that will increase your competitive advantage.

o Tour facilities that are typically closed to the public and get a behind-the-scenes view
– See leading edge manufacturing and development operations.


The A&D Forum community is facilitated through:

o Monthly chapter meetings that include a presentation by an A&D industry leader and a group discussion.
o Monthly Newsletter containing articles, news, meeting and conference notices.
o Members-only website containing extensive resources, including
What’s New: short notices of timely interest
About Us: information about the A&D Forum and each of the chapters
Announcements: Information about events related to A&D
Presentations: Information, recordings, and slides from the monthly chapter meeting presentations
Calendar: a calendar of A&D related events
Resources: information of long-term value, including an A&D Resource List, member resumes, member services, articles, and the public Member Directory.
FAQ: information concerning how to use the A&D Forum website
Discussions: where members interact on various topics


As of January 2014, there are four chapters (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Arizona), 830 on the mailing list, and 306 members, of whom:
– 38% are aerospace and defense company executives and entrepreneurs
– 33% are senior business service providers and other professionals
– 18% are financially oriented organizations, such as private equity groups, banks, commercial lenders, and investment bankers
– 11% are government agencies, non-profit and professional associations, and other interested parties

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